A commercial refrigerator is an understated yet important part of most businesses. It keeps food fresh and prevents bacterial contamination among customers—but only when it’s used the right way.

How to Organize Your Commercial Refrigerator

If you’re in charge of workplace administration, we reckon that keeping the commercial refrigerator organized and clean may not be your favorite task of the day, but it helps tremendously when you’re pressed for time and are dealing with multiple customers.

Not to mention that proper organization and maintenance can help you conserve energy and reduce the unit’s environmental impact.

So let’s take a look at five essential tips you can adopt for efficient utilization of available space.

Customize the Storage Space

A systematic approach to storing food—regardless of your business’s set-up or the size of the refrigerator—will ensure better cooling and preservation. This means using additional racks, shelves, and storage boxes that are tailor-made to your use cases.

Arrange Items by Shelf Life

When you’re stocking items, follow the first-in, first-out (FIFO) rule for efficient product rotation. The newest items should be stored in the back while those with a closer use-by date should be in the front. If the expiry date has passed, avoid using the product as a safety measure.

Space Properly

Leaving adequate space between the containers allows smooth circulation of cold air and doesn’t leave any hot spots that increase energy consumption. Whether it’s pre-prepped or cooked food, keep the containers at least 3–5 inches apart.

Label Everything

It’s critical to follow health and safety regulations both for your business and customer’s sake. You may be following everything precisely but your employees might not. Labels and signs help everyone stay informed.

Stay Away from the Floor

Keep all the food off the refrigerator floor to prevent water leakage from contaminating it. If you’re having a storage problem, install additional boxes and make sure that your employees follow this rule as well.

Disorganized refrigerator not only makes the unit work harder and consume more energy, but can also hinder the smooth operation of your business. You may also need more repair and maintenance work.

refrigerator floor

While you’re thinking about your commercial refrigeration unit, consider evaluating your commercial heating and cooling system. At Mastermind Mechanical LLC, we work tirelessly to keep the businesses in Las Vegas running smoothly by providing reliable repair and maintenance services.

You can book an appointment with us online or call at (702) 420-2121 in case of emergency.

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