Iced over Ac unit

Iced Over AC System and What You Can Do

What to do When you have iced over AC System

So, you come home and see your AC Unit is not cooling, and when you go outside you see the unit is iced over. There are many reasons why an AC unit will build up ice and we will talk about and go through them one by one. Before calling an Air conditioning Repair Company follow all these steps and you might fix the problem without spending and money for repairs.

Iced over Ac system

Dirty Air Filters

Dirty Air filters are the number one cause of iced over system. When you see you have an iced over ac system, the first thing you should do is to replace your air filters and de-thaw the ice from the unit by turning the system mode to the off position and turn the fan position to on. This will allow your ac compressor to stop running and your blower motor will run which will help to de-thaw the ice from the system. Check the unit for ice in about 4-6 hours and when you verify all the ice is gone, turn on the system and verify that the unit is blowing air out of the vents. Most of the time this will help the problem and you can enjoy your comfort without calling an air conditioning repair company.

Dirty Evaporative coil

Having a Dirty Evaporative coil could cause the same issue and you can have an iced over ac system because of it. Over time your evaporator coil could get clogged due to lack of maintenance. Having dirty coils is the same as having dirty air filters and that is why changing your air filters on regular basis is very important. If your completed step one and you experience the same problem with your unit, this could be an indication of a dirty evaporator coil. We recommend calling a professional HVAC contractor to further diagnose your system.

Bad Blower Motor

When a blower motor stop working while your compressor is Running and pumping FREON into your Evaporator coil, this will cause the system to ice over. When the evaporator coil is cold and there is no air going across the coil, eventually it will cause the unit to ice over. When you see on your ac system and have already thawed the unit and have installed new filters, Feel the supply vents to see if you have any air coming out of the vents. When you are trying to see if there is air coming out of the vents, please use a ladder or a step stool to get close to the vent to feel the air as when the air is at worm or at room temperature it almost feels like no air is coming form the vents. If air is present at the supply vent, this means that your blower motor is working properly, however if you do not feel anything coming out of the vent, this could be a blower motor problem. At this point you might consider calling a professional HVAC contractor for proper diagnostics

Restriction In The FREON Line

An AC System can also ice over if there is a restriction in the FREON line. Most Restriction occur on the liquid line filter dryers or in the metering device. When this problem occurs, a licensed technician must recover all the FREON and replace the filter dryer, metering device and flush the Freon Lines. If you have a Restriction, you need to call a licensed contractor to get your system repaired. Please note that this repair will be the most expensive fix out of all the other ones.

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