Know When It’s Time for AC Repair

Generally known for its extreme summers, Las Vegas can get even hotter than usual during peak summer. From humidity to dry spells, the harsh weather can have detrimental effects on your health, which is why staying indoors, hydrated, and under proper cooling is important.

An AC unit can make things much better, but a number of its components can suffer partial or full damage—both indoors and outdoors. Let’s talk about them before we take a look at the warning signs that allude to them:

  • A broken or clogged condenser
  • Breakage or splits in the AC belt
  • A faulty thermostat
  • Frozen indoor coils
  • A congested air filter

Symptoms of AC Malfunctions

If you’re not sure about how to identify potential problems, let us help you figure out the telltale signs of a faulty unit.

Significant reductions in airflow

If you notice the blower/fan slowing down or feel like the unit isn’t cooling, there’s a high chance that the air filter needs to be tended to. A complete loss of air flow is caused when:

  • There’s no power
  • The thermostat has stopped working
  • A blower door is open
  • The ductwork is disconnected

Warm airflow from the vents

One of the main factors that causes warm airflow is a refrigerant leak. Other reasons may include ducts exposed to excessive heat or missing insulation. These problems will result in increased temperatures in the room.

Significant humidity in the room

Since an AC works best in a confined space, it is essential that you close all windows, doors and any gaps that may let the cool air out and hot air in. Humidity is often experienced as a result of not observing the above-mentioned caution.

Insufficient dehumidification can also be due to the size vs. space ratio, since an oversized AC in a small space will quickly cool the room and reach the cut-off point without fully removing the moisture.

Loud or hissing noises

A failing air compressor will make unusual noises if it suffers a leak or its bearings seize instead of turning.

Often, irregularities in equipment cause irregular cooling and since AC units have a complex internal structure, it’s best to call a professional repair service. Our HVAC and AC repair services ensure that Las Vegas residents are enjoying hot summers without any problems.


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Professional AC Repair Service

If you’re planning on installing a new unit, we also provide expert technicians that can do complete installation, retrofits and upgrades. Give us a quick call at (702) 840-4810 or book an appointment online!

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