How to Change Your Home Air Filter

How to Change Your Home Air Filter

Change your Las Vegas home air filter about once every month.

What is your home air filter?

Your Las Vegas home air filter is in the air intake for your furnace and air conditioner system. If you would like to know how to change your home air filter them please continue on reading this article. Air from your home is pulled through the intake filter (as seen in the image to the right) and from there into your heating and cooling system where it is heated or cooled to equal your indoor temperature settings. The filter collects any dust in the air, cleaning your indoor air as it conditions the temperature. You will be surprised at how much dust exists in the air your breathe. A good filter promotes good health! There are probably between one and three intake vents most commonly located in the ceiling in different areas of your home. Conduct a quick walk-through to locate all the air intake vents in your home.

Why change your home air filter monthly?

Your filter is constantly collecting dust and after about a month enough dust has accumulated to prevent air flow. When air flow is prevented, your home furnace or air conditioner cannot operate at peak efficiency. An inefficient furnace or air conditioner causes 3 problems you do not want to experience:

  1. It costs more to heat or cool your home as your system needs to work harder.
  2. Your home does not heat or cool efficiently, so you’re likely to feel uncomfortable.
  3. Your heating and cooling system will break down sooner since it’s working harder every day.

How to change your home air filter?

Removing your old air filter.

Unless you are an NBA basketball player, you will need to use a good sturdy step ladder to reach your air filter. The air intake grating will be held in place with a few latches along the edges. Carefully open the latches while holding the grating with one hand in order to lower it gradually. The filter usually lowers along with the grating so be prepared to keep the filter from flopping loose onto the floor and releasing all the dust it has collected!

Determining the size of your air filter.

Once you remove the air filter, look along the edges for a printed size. Here are a few common air filter sizes, so you should see a number like one of these:

how to change your home air filter

  • 10 X 20
  • 14 X 20
  • 16 X 24
  • 18 X 30
  • 12 X 12
  • 14 X 24

Obtaining an air filter replacement.

Once you’ve determined the size of your home air filter, make a quick trip to almost any department store that has a home improvement section such as Home Depot or Lowes . Locate their home air filters and purchase a new air filter that corresponds to the size of your home air filter. Many such stores have periodic air filter sales, so stock up at these times.

How many air filters should you purchase? If your home takes 3 air filters and you change them monthly, you might want to stay about 3 months ahead at all times, so purchase at least nine air filter replacements.

Installing your new home air filter.

Go backwards through the steps you took to remove your old home air filter. Make sure you securely close all the latches on your air intake grating. Done! Almost… Disposing of your old home air filter. Check with your recycling company to see if your home air filter can be recycled. Carefully place it in the recycling bin. You may want to place it in a trash bag first in order to contain any dust.

Changing your home air filter is a quick, easy project.

This whole process will probably take less than 10 minutes (with the exception of that trip to the department store). Once you’ve done it a few times it will be second nature. You’ll breathe easier in your home, be more healthy and your home heating and cooling system will operate more efficiently, potentially saving far more money in energy bills and system maintenance costs than the price of the air filters.

Stay comfortable in your home!!

Save even more by regularly servicing your home and business heating and cooling system.

Contact Us to learn how you can save on energy bills while being more comfortable in your Las Vegas home. We’ll conduct a quick assessment of your home or business heating and cooling system that may reveal how you could save $100s each year.

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