Top 7 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Kitchen Garbage Disposal

Kitchen Garbage Disposals Are Run 15 Times Per Day or More

Garbage disposals get the most use of any appliance in the house. Think about it: You use your oven once during a meal. You open your refrigerator a few times during the day. You use your dishwasher a couple times each week. However, you run your garbage disposal multiple times before and after every meal: That’s 3 meals times multiplied by at least 5 garbage disposal runs per meal = approximately 15 times per day.

What would you do if your kitchen garbage disposal broke down?

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What Does Water Heater Failure Look Like?

Water Heaters Fail at the Worst Possible Time

I heard the story of a Las Vegas resident whose water heater failed ON NEW YEAR’S EVE!! If a water heater is going to fail…it often happens at the very worst time!

Unfortunate Discovery of a Water Heater Failure

The homeowner stepped into his garage (where the water heater was located) to empty the garbage, only to be confronted with a major flood! Water was gushing out of the water heater, streaming through the garage, soaking everything that was not on a shelf before heading out the driveway into the street.

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