Sudden, Unexpected Air Conditioning System Failure

Here’s the nightmare scenario none of us ever want to experience, but somehow, in the deep recesses of our minds we know the day will come: It’s one of those hot 120-degree Las Vegas Summer days. All is well until your home begins to heat up. You check the thermostat settings. They’re set for a comfortable 78-degree temperature. However, the inside temperature has risen to 90 degrees and is climbing! You check your air conditioning unit. There is no activity. You attempt a reset. Still nothing! The inside temperature continues to rise.

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Top 7 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Kitchen Garbage Disposal

Kitchen Garbage Disposals Are Run 15 Times Per Day or More

Garbage disposals get the most use of any appliance in the house. Think about it: You use your oven once during a meal. You open your refrigerator a few times during the day. You use your dishwasher a couple times each week. However, you run your garbage disposal multiple times before and after every meal: That’s 3 meals times multiplied by at least 5 garbage disposal runs per meal = approximately 15 times per day.

What would you do if your kitchen garbage disposal broke down?

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What Does Water Heater Failure Look Like?

Water Heaters Fail at the Worst Possible Time

I heard the story of a Las Vegas resident whose water heater failed ON NEW YEAR’S EVE!! If a water heater is going to fail…it often happens at the very worst time!

Unfortunate Discovery of a Water Heater Failure

The homeowner stepped into his garage (where the water heater was located) to empty the garbage, only to be confronted with a major flood! Water was gushing out of the water heater, streaming through the garage, soaking everything that was not on a shelf before heading out the driveway into the street.

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Furnaces and Air Conditioners are Designed for Comfort, But for How Long?

Your home furnace and air conditioner are designed to keep you comfortable during the hottest Las Vegas Summer days and the coolest Las Vegas Winter nights. However, for most people their furnace and air conditioner are hidden in a place (garage or attic) “out of sight, out of mind” and therefore easy to forget. We assume they will continue working because they have worked for months or even years without much attention. How can you know when it’s time to replace your home’s furnace or air conditioner?

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When to service your home’s air conditioning system in Las Vegas?

Actually, January and February are excellent months to service your home’s air conditioning system. Here are 5 good reasons:

  1. Hot Temperatures Can Occur as Early as February in Las Vegas: Las Vegans know that even as early as February the outdoor temperatures can begin to rise creating some discomfort in your home, leading you to considering firing up your air conditioning unit. Definitely before the end of March you will have a few days where you feel the need to turn on your air conditioning unit.
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Quick 30-Minute Air Condenser Cleaning Tutorial

This quick 2-part process can save you energy expense and extend the life of your home’s air conditioner. It will only take you about 30 minutes and you don’t need to have any special experience or training. If you can work a screwdriver and a garden hose you’re good to go!

Locating Your Air Condenser

We’re going to focus on your home’s air condenser. This is the small unit outside your home, usually in the side yard on a foundation block of cement. It looks like this:

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Furnace Maintenance: Probably Not Top of Mind

Trane Furnace Installation Heating Services for Las Vegas | Mastermind MechanicalThe importance of furnace maintenance is probably not top of mind in your daily thoughts. In fact, do you even remember what your furnace looks like? It’s hidden away in some closet, attic or your garage. Hopefully there are not items in storage leaning against or on top of your furnace at this moment! Out of sight, out of mind.

Furnaces are pretty reliable most of the time, so we forget they’re there…until something goes wrong!

What could go wrong with your furnace and what damage, expense or danger could result?

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Air Conditioner replacement cost in Las Vegas varies greatly depending on your residential or commercial needs.

Get an AC Replacement Cost Quote

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Benefits of Installing a New A/C System In Las Vegas:

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