Iced over Ac unit

Iced Over Ac System And What You Can Do

So, you come home and see your AC Unit is not cooling, and when you go outside you see the unit is iced over. There are many reasons why an AC unit will build up ice and the most common reason is dirty air filters. This also could be caused because of a restriction is your refrigerant line, a bad thermal expansion valve, and a bad blower motor. When you See your AC unit is iced over, please do the following before calling an ac company out and avoid a service call fee. First, turn off the AC mode to the off position and turn your fan to the on position. This will circulate air across the ice and help the ice to dethaw faster without your AC running. Leave the unit in this state for 4-6 hours to ensure there is no more ice in the system. Once you verify the ice is gone, replace your air filters and turn the unit on. This should fix the problem, however if the system ices over again then call an AC company to have your AC repaired accordingly.

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