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AC Replacement Cost in Las Vegas

AC Replacement Cost in Las Vegas

Here’s the nightmare scenario none of us ever want to experience, but somehow, in the deep recesses of our minds we know the day will come: It’s one of those hot 120-degree Las Vegas Summer days. All is well until your home begins to heat up. You check the thermostat settings. They’re set for a comfortable 78-degree temperature. However, the inside temperature has risen to 90 degrees and is climbing! You check your air conditioning unit. There is no activity. You attempt a reset. Still nothing! The inside temperature continues to rise.

Air Conditioning System Evaluation and Estimate

ac replacement cost in las vegas

Now, truly worried and realizing this is a problem you cannot fix yourself; you begin to call around for an air conditioning maintenance professional. Hopefully this didn’t happen on a weekend or holiday. The professional arrives, evaluates the problem and determines your air conditioning system is shot and you need a total replacement. A total air conditioning system replacement can run upwards of $17,000! Most people do not have this in their budget.

A More Economical Air Conditioning System Replacement Choice

Fortunately, here is where you have a more economical choice. You may not need a total air conditioning system replacement. In many cases, only one key component of your air conditioning system is shot and needs replacement: Commonly your air condenser. The air condenser is that rectangular unit resting on a block of cement outside of your house, likely in the side yard. Cooling coils are enclosed in a screen, and there’s a fan on top.

Air Condenser Replacement vs. Air Conditioning System Replacement

An air condenser replacement is much less expensive than a total air conditioning system replacement. The reason an air condenser replacement often grows to an entire air conditioning system replacement is due to compatibility. Modern air condensers are often incompatible with the other components of an older air conditioning system. Unless you can locate a compatible air condenser unit, you’ll need to replace your entire air conditioning system.

Guardian “Dry” 14 Seer Air Conditioner R-407C Condenser

Fortunately, there is a new air condenser model that is designed to be compatible with older air conditioning systems. It’s the Guardian “Dry” 14 Seer Air Conditioner R-407C Condenser. It’s compatibility with older air conditioning systems is a huge cost saving feature. Additional cost-saving features make this air condenser easier and less costly to install including:

  • Quick access to power and control wiring
  • Factory installed filter drier cuts down on time spent brazing and charging the system
  • The more compact size allows the unit to fit into the area your old air condenser was placed, without additional construction
  • The components are designed to resist corrosion and rust, extending the life of the air condenser
  • The coil is protected from damage by stamped steel louvered panels
  • The compressors are protected by a high-pressure relief valve, temperature sensor and high-pressure switch
  • The liquid line filter-drier is factory installed to protect the air compressor from moisture and debris

Air Conditioning System Compatibility, Less Expensive Installation, Durability

Some of these features are a bit geeky in detail, but the point is that this new air condenser unit is designed for quick easy installation, designed to last and most importantly, designed to fit the existing components of your older air conditioning system and therefore, may eliminate the huge cost of a total air conditioning system replacement. Replace ONLY your air condenser.

Mastermind Mechanical, Committed to Being Your Long-Term Professional Service

At Mastermind Mechanical, we want to help you through an air condenser failure quickly and efficiently at the lowest possible cost. Yes, we would make more by charging for an entire air conditioning system replacement, but we’re looking to be your trusted heating, air conditioning and plumbing professional for the long run. So, we’ll always find the most economical and long-lasting solution to help you through a system failure (water heater, plumbing leak, heating system).

Schedule Your “Whole House” Air Conditioning, Heating and Plumbing Evaluation

Preventative maintenance and an evaluation of your current heating, cooling and plumbing could help avoid that unpleasantly surprising hot indoor temperature during one of those 120-degree hot Las Vegas Summer days coming to your neighborhood soon! Discover and correct potential problems before they turn into a system failure. We’ll visit your home and perform a “whole house” evaluation which includes your:

  • Air conditioning system
  • Heating system
  • Ductwork
  • Garbage disposal
  • Water heater
  • Plumbing, pipes

Don’t be caught by surprise when things break down. Schedule your “whole house” evaluation with Mastermind Mechanical today.

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